Welcome to ISW Otonabee College style. This September 2010, OC is going Greek! But what does that mean? Every year each college takes on a theme for their Introductory Seminar Week (ISW) and this year OC is going Greek in OC's BIG GREEK INTRO WEEK! A select team of enthusiastic upper year students have been given one task: Acquaint OC’s newest students to the BEST college at Trent. They’ve been given a week to show the best of what Trent has to offer including, but not limited to, social events & academic seminars which give you a sneak peak into classes at Trent! The week is designed to give you the opportunity to connect with the amazing people you’ll be living and learning with for your Trent career while having the time of your life! There will be opportunity to meet other OC students, as well as first years from every college!
...While you're here, take the opportunity to learn more about who your ISW staff (Spartans) will be, look at some photos (Relics) from last year, & check out some Otonabee College Cheers (Battle Cries)!!!! If you have any questions feel free to email us! ocisw2010@gmail.com

Otonabee College
What's it like?

Otonabee College was founded in 1972. The buildings of Otonabee range along a cedar ridge overlooking the river from which the College derives its name (“fast water” in Nishnaabee). To the east of the College are located the new buildings of the DNA Cluster and the Forensic Science program; beyond them a rolling rural landscape with a magnificent stand of blue spruce. To the west are Peter Gzowski College and the Science buildings, leading to the Faryon pedestrian bridge, which provides easy access to the Bata Library, the Athletics Complex, and the colleges on the West Bank. Eight “houses” connected by an interior walkway called “the Link,” make up Otonabee’s residence. The residence is co-educational, although there are single-sex areas within the houses. Each house contains single, double and triple study-bedrooms, a kitchenette, and a common area. Past “the Link,” (a path leading to the instructional area of the College which bisects the residences) are a set of faculty offices, the mailboxes, College Porter’s office, and the main dining hall looking to the north and east of the grounds. A large College Commons is located close to the Food Court/Dining Hall, with large-screen televisions and many comfortable chairs for relaxing. Daily lunches are offered in a lounge atmosphere most afternoons. The academic wing is directly connected with the Science Buildings and houses the School of Education, the departments of Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, and Computing & Information Systems. Teaching facilities include a 125-seat lecture theatre, various seminar rooms, laboratories for Anthropology and Psychology and Computer Science, and a Sociology resource room, offices for faculty in many of the disciplines in arts and sciences, and the Wenjack Theatre, which provides a venue for multimedia lecture presentations as well as theatrical productions by amateur and professional companies. Nearby are the Archaeology Centre, Mackenzie House, and a wildlife sanctuary with walks and ski trails. Students at Otonabee play a major role in organizing and conducting cultural, social and athletic activities. The student government (Cabinet) and its committees cooperate with the College Office and dons in planning and delivering a variety of events for both its non-resident and resident members: visiting scholars, artists, musicians, scientists; College dinners and dances; Fall and Winter College Weekend; and intramural co-educational competitions in a number of sports. Members of the College also participate in the wider academic, social, cultural and athletic activities of the University and the city of Peterborough, including various forms of community service.