What is ISW? 
ISW stands for Introductory Seminar Week.  ISW starts with Registration Day on Monday, September 7th to Saturday, September 12th. ISW consists of events that will help you become very familiar with Otonabee College, Trent University Campus and the city of Peterborough. 

Who can participate in ISW week? 
ISW is for both on and off residence students, International students, you name it, ISW is for everyone! If you are a new incoming student to Trent University this week is here to help you! 

Who runs ISW week? 
ISW is run by a group of approximately 30 enthusiastic upper year students know as your chair (Katie Lebel) and you ISW Staff Leaders.  Each college has a group of ISW staff as well as 2-3 ISW Co-Chairs who over see all the programming that is set at each college.  ISW Staff and Co-Chairs are volunteers who are here to make your ISW transition as smooth as possible.  They are trained to answer any questions you may have, show you around campus and facilitate all of the events during ISW.  You will soon learn that ISW is only one week of the year but if you still have questions post-ISW your leaders will be more than happy to help you out! 

Are the ISW staff the same as our Dons? 
Dons are upper-year student leaders experienced and trained in a residence setting and are selected each year to work in residence. These students provide support and programming to the smaller communities. ISW Staff and Dons are both upper year students. However, ISW Staff are not residential, as Dons are; they live in residence with you the whole year.  During ISW Dons will be not only assisting in ISW events and programming, but will be making the first steps in making your residence life one that you will not forget!

What kinds of events are put on during ISW week? 
There are three different kinds of events: University Wide, Inter-College and College Specific. University Wide events are events put on by the University that are mainly focused on academics and are usually mandatory. Some of these include: Trent Reads, Academic Sessions, and Academic Advising Sessions. Other University-Wide events are put on by our student government called the TCSA (Trent Central Student Association) like Intro-Fest. Inter-College events will involve Otonabee College and one of the other three colleges. College specific events will be exclusively Otonabee College events.
As we realize that incoming students come from a variety of backgrounds we have made sure there is an event for any and everybody!
Other events are simple things to assist you in your every day university life. Such things are campus tours and downtown tours.

  I am a first year student living off-residence... 
First year students are strongly encouraged, just as on-campus students are, to participate in as many ISW activities as possible... if not more. Otonabee College is now your college regardless of where you sleep at night. ISW is the perfect opportunity to get comfortable with your college, get involved and meet all members of college.During the weeks events we will be having a ton of activities to keep you busy between the Academic Sessions. We will also be having a K- House headquarters. This is your go-to place for the week if you just want to relax or to converse with other off-res students… But wait…what is K-House?K House was established 3 years ago by an enthusiastic group of first year off residence members of college.  As you may know, Otonabee College’s residential sector is divided in 8 houses, A-H, so it was only appropriate that K-House be born.  K-House is Otonabee College’s off residence first year community.  This community will be your support network for anything you may need throughout the year! K-House also has their own cheer, check out “Battle Cries” for more info.