Hey OC! Have you heard about Shinerama?

Shinerama is an amazing nation wide initiative to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. Cystic Fibrosis most commonly affects children,attacking their lungs and digestive system making it impossible to digest proper nutrients and breathe; taking their lives at a very young age. Shinerama takes place the Saturday of ISW but also holds fun events throughout ISW. 

Bring Lots and Lots of Pocket Change!
The first and one of the most fun initiatives held throughout the week are what we like to call Bling-Bling Buckets!  Bling-Bling Buckets give you an opportunity to raise money for a great cause, and the chance to show that OC is the BEST! 

How Bling-Bling Buckets Work: 
During the week, we’ll be collecting change of all sorts & sizes! Each coin will either add or subtract points from our total Bling-Bling score! 

How the scoring works: 
Penniesare positive (+)and are wanted in OC’s Bucket.  If you have Pennies put them in OC’s Bucket! Any penny in OC’s bucket will add to our overall score, any penny in another college’s bucket will add to their score. 
Anything Else: dimes, nickels, quarters, bills, are negative(-) and deduct from OCs overall points.  If you have anything Silver put it in your least favourite colleges Bling-Bling Bucket!!! Adding these coins/bills to other colleges will take away points from their total, giving us the advantage! 
The more we “bling” other colleges with coins that aren’t pennies, the lower score they’ll get! Keep in mind, other colleges will be blinging us too, so we need pennies in our buckets to counteract this!!! 
So to recap: Pennies GOOD
Silver Coins and Bills GOOD to put in OTHER COLLEGES’ buckets!  
Let the bling-bling war begin!  

Let it Shine, let it Shine, let it Shiiiine!   
Shine day happens every Saturday of Introductory Seminar Week.  Bring your instruments, magic tricks, smiles, and shoe-shining capabilities!    We start the day with a kick off breakfast in the Great Hall.  Then we split into teams and disperse around Peterborough to either wash cars, shine shoes &entertain to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis.  So don’t forget to bring your guitar, your unicycle, well you get the idea!